Runaway Farms offers a full range of training services to fit your horsemanship needs. Whether you need help on the ground, under saddle, in the show ring, or anywhere in between, we have the experience and skill to create a custom program for each individual we work with! All programs are truly customized for YOU. We will discuss your goals, evaluate your current situation, and then work together to create a plan that will allow you to achieve your goals in an appropriate time period. Options include:

  • Initial Training Evaluations
  • Trailer-loading training and problem solving
  • Full Training
  • Partial Training or Short-term Tune-ups
  • Haul-in Lessons or Training Rides
  • Custom Training & Lesson Packages
  • Show & Sales Prep and Presentation
  • Clinics
  • Training Getaways

Training programs are offered for horses at every age and stage of training, from foals needing ground work up through FEI level horses in need of a tune-up. Our specialty is working on the basics within any level, keeping the lessons simple but effective for the horse, which is the quickest way to reach any goal. Under saddle, we use classical dressage exercises and proper lunging technique to correctly develop the muscles of the topline that are necessary for carrying a rider. Cross-training with hillwork, hacks out, and cavaletti helps to more fully develop our horse's focus, confidence, and athleticism. Poor manners, disrespect for handlers, and trailer-loading problems are addressed with a more "natural horsemanship" approach. In all cases, consistency and communication is key in training, as is a healthy horse. We regularly consult with veterinarians, chiropractors, farriers, and other equine professionals to ensure we are improving our horses bodies and not breaking them down.

We encourage prospective clients to come out and visit a horse being worked, see our facilities, and ask us all the questions you can think of. Call (865)603-4846 or email us today to schedule a tour. We would love to meet you and help your current horse become the equine partner you’ve been dreaming of!