Office Manager - Sharon Roberts

Although she grew up in the heart of the Windy City, Sharon has learned a lot about horses over her years as a horse-show mom, and now, as a member of the team at Runaway Farms. Drawing from her background and experience as an administrative assistant, Sharon oversees most of the administrative work, such as making phone calls, appointments, placing orders, and preparing paperwork and tax documents. She also assists with daily turnout, feeding, and facility maintenance; where she specializes in keeping water buckets and troughs spotlessly clean! In order to further her equine education, Sharon often attends continuing education programs on feeding, health, and general horse care with Melissa.

Facilities Manager - Ken Roberts

Even though most people rarely see Ken around the farm, with the exceptions of weekends, he is a vital member of the Runaway Farms team. A full-time mechanical engineer, Ken works long weeks in Oak Ridge before coming home to relax at the farm. Actually, he doesn't get to relax much around the farm, since there are always a minimum of 5 projects going at the same time! Ken uses his years of experience as an engineer and builder to complete construction, maintenance, and repair projects at the farm. He also helps with turnout and facility maintenance when he is not building or fixing something. Although he learned to ride as a teen, Ken rarely has the time to get on and ride these days. Maybe when he retires you'll see him hitting the trails more often!

Barn Staff

Everyone who comes to the farm has met Rascal, she is always around to greet new people and hog as much attention as possible! Rascal has been at the farm since 2011, when Melissa found the 3 month old puppy with a bum leg sitting on her own doorstep. A trip to the vet confirmed that Rascal's leg couldn't be fixed, but that doesn't seem to slow her down much! Rascal is always on guard duty, watching out for riff-raff, rabbits, and stray deer. She is excellent with the horses and loves visitors!

Punkin is our new barn kitty. He was part of a litter of feral kittens found in an old barn on the property, and he is just the best cat! While he enjoys hunting and "wild" time around the farm, Punkin has become fairly domesticated and lives part-time in the house with Rascal. The two are a comical team, as Punkin enjoys ambushing Rascal's tail on a daily basis.

Our Staff