If you are interested in quality dressage instruction, but are unable to trailer to Runaway Farms for lessons, Melissa McKenzie is available for one or two day clinics off-property! Clinic lessons focus on a classically correct position and the gradual, logical, and systematic training of the horse. Each lesson is a 45 minute private session, where riders get a chance to work on any areas they may be struggling with in their daily riding, so that they can expand their skills for improved performance. When scheduled on a regular basis, clinics are a great way to get regular feedback if you work mostly on your own, or to expand upon and compliment an existing lesson program. To set up a clinic, a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 rides are required per day. Each ride is $65.

Please call or text Melissa at (865)603-4846 for more information on organizing a clinic at your site!

About Melissa McKenzie

Melissa McKenzie is a USDF Bronze Medalist, Centered Riding Instructor, and Graduate of Otterbein University with a B.A. in Equine Facility Management. She is a long-time student of classical dressage, and counts international competitor and Grand Prix rider, JJ Tate, as her most influential instructor and personal mentor. As a professional dressage rider and trainer, Melissa has spent the past 16 years honing her skills by training innumerable horses and ponies! She has an innate ability to get into the mind and body of the horse to quickly address core issues that may be stalling progress or affecting performance. Melissa offers dressage instruction with a focus on the correct development of the rider's classical seat through traditional exercises as well as centered riding methods and techniques. Whether you are aiming for the show ring or just for a better partnership with your horse, Melissa can help you achieve your goals!